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You are invited to join international activists, performers and theoreticians in occupying a room and spending a while in imaginative and critical thought.

dgtl fmnsm is a project organised by
HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts, Dresden
in cooperation with the
and the Institut für Zukunft.

The project is part of the
Association of International Production Houses
, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner
for Culture and the Media.

Planning and implementation: Thomas Dumke / Ulla Heinrich / Konstanze Schütze

Visual: Cindy Beuhlah / Web: Sven Dämmig



10/7 €
(ticket for the entire CYNETART exhibition)

dgtl fmnsm Opening hours
during CYNETART Festival:

6 to 10 p.m.
1 to 10 p.m.
1 to 10 p.m.
3 to 10 p.m.


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We provide a feminist homestay marketplace.
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Project space
during CYNETART-Festival

Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau in Dresden, Nancy Spero Hall

THU 10 Nov

6 pm to 10 pm
Opening: Space Design and Installation by the GFS (secret feminist squad)

FRI 11 Nov

1 p.m.
room installation by GFS opens

1 p.m.
public board meeting with artists, activists and curators

6 p.m.
Artist Talk and Introduction: dgtl fmnsm and Gleam. Future, reflections. (Live-Online Show)

10 p.m.
Performance by Reality Tales / Mental Surgeries

SAT 12 Nov

1 p.m.
Installation by GFS opens

1 p.m.
Workshop with Reality Tales / Mental Surgeries

3 p.m.
Workshop: Young Girl Reading Group #135 w Luciana Parisi's - "The Nanoengineering of Desire"

5 p.m.
Lecture by Helen Hester (Laboria Cuboniks): Gender is a Workplace Technology

6.30 p.m.
Lecture Performance “Xenoethics“ by d-n-e

8 p.m.
GLEAM. Future, reflections. Part II (Live-Online Show)

10.30 p.m.
Late Night Feminism & Open Space

SUN 13 Nov

3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Installation by the GFS

Always open:

During the festival, the program will be broadcasted live on the website. Anyone attending the Festival gets candy.
dgtl fmnsm

dgtl fmnsm is invited by CYNETART Festival 2016.

dgtl fmnsm is a feature request for more radical thinking on the routine involvement of digital technologies in a culture currently dominated by the media. The look and theory of ​dgtl fmnsm's entertaining art interventions involve participants using their bodies as a meaningful form of expression in a world that is changing course in the light of digital technologies, online culture and political necessity.

The central visual object in the room is a utopian feminist installation by a ​secret feminist squad of woman artists ​​(GFS = Geheimes Feministisches Squad). This room-sized installation is the basic setting for a session lasting three days during which information will be relayed and received which sheds light on the issue of technological forms of emancipation, the aim being to destabilise existing systems. This will take place as a joint event involving artists, activists and audience members.

Talking about the Internet, the essential, central part of the ​dgtl fmnsm lab is its website, which will be online at digitalfeminism.net before, during and after the festival. As well as texts, interviews and other content it will also regularly present artworks, videos and live events. During the festival it will also be physically present in the form of "obvious gates".

Workshops, lectures and performances featuring ​Helen Hester (Laboria Cuboniks), ​d-n-e​​, Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite (​Young Girl Reading Group​​), Billy Bultheel & Enad Marouf (​Reality Tales/Mental Surgeries​​) will explore the depths of feminist issues and give them a concrete aesthetic form. This will also take place in a daily live show curated by the American ​Shawné Michaelain Holloway​​, who describes herself as a "dirty new media artist".

We understand technofeminism as an umbrella term for critical and speculative positions which view technology not simply as a detestable male-controlled entity, but as a plethora of different tools and practices whose gender-political meaning is always partly determined by the social contexts which they both inform and influence.«

Armen Avanessian / Helen Hester in "dea ex machina" (2015)

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Helen Hester
(Lecture and talk)

Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, NANCY SPERO SAAL
Date: Sat, 12 NOV 2016
Time: 5 pm

Helen Hester is Associate Professor of Media and Communications at the University of West London, where she also serves as Head of Film and Media. Her research interests include technofeminism, sexuality studies, and theories of social reproduction, and she is a member of the international feminist working group Laboria Cuboniks. She is the author of Beyond Explicit: Pornography and the Displacement of Sex (SUNY Press, 2014), the co-editor of the collections Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism (Ashgate, 2015) and Dea ex Machina (Merve, 2015), and series editor for Ashgate’s ‘Sexualities in Society’ book series. She has two texts forthcoming: After Work: What's Left and Who Cares? (with Nick Srnicek, Verso, 2017) and Xenofeminism (Polity, 2017).

In this talk, Helen Hester will explore the intersection of gender and work, using this as a starting point from which to elaborate a technomaterialist politics of gender abolitionism. Drawing upon her work with the xenofeminist working group Laboria Cuboniks and upon the ideas of materialist feminists such as Silvia Federici and Leopoldina Fortunati, she will argue for the political affordances of framing gender as a workplace technology.

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curating the live online Show: Gleam. future. reflections

live online show

FR 11 NOV 2016     6 pm
SAT 12 NOV 2016     8 pm

SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY is an internet artist. her work explores the cultural and economic dynamics of performing identity for online social networking sites. her projects and performances, ranging from serialized live internet video broadcasts to gifs and electronic music are exhibited internationally. she is a participating curator at festivals and conferences including reFreg Festival (paris, france) and gli.tc/h 20112 (chicago, il usa). "Everything I've ever created is about having or understanding a shared experience and having my interpretation of that experience contribute to some subcategory of collective memory."
(Shawné Michaelain Holloway)

SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY is an internet artist. her work explores the cultural and economic implications of performing identity for online social networking sites. her projects and performances, ranging from serialized live internet video broadcasts to gifs and electronic music are exhibited internationally. she is a participating curator at festivals and conferences including reFreg Festival (paris, france) and gli.tc/h 20112 (chicago, il).


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performance & lecture
in English language

Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Ground Floor | NANCY SPERO SAAL
Datum: Saturday, 12.11.2016
Uhrzeit: 6 30 pm

How do we navigate complexity; where should we put our ears and how do we hack our capacities to listen rather than bemoan or mis-recognize the limitations; what other possible worlds can we imagine through listening; how is enlightenment chrono-politically relevant for radical social evolutions in these necessarily de-colonial times; what sonic chrono-politics twist you up; how is enlightenment entered into through sound; how can we hypothetically construct a cosmic or universal logic for social intelligence through listening; how do we connect minds by sonifying layers of abstraction; what are deracinating gestures of abstraction, and what can they do to unmake normative thought patterns and behaviours that eat self-models (our own and those of our companions); how do we practice the erotics of listening with every person, species, thing or environment, with sound invisibly everywhere; how can we formalize listening; where do sound transformations transform you; how do we investigate sonic morpho-poetics as paths of discovery where triadic operations unveil multiple layers of codification–from over-coding to the nought(s) of thought; how do we listen to the nothing of nothing; why is sound, through every material transformation, a universal logic of eros?

If there would ever be a "fundamental" to Xenoethics, it might be that listening is an irrevocable convolution of the mind independent. In this workshop, combining forms of lecture and performance, d-n-e will investigate and abstract evolutionary steps and questions in relation to speculative topologies of listening–with complex sound transformations, in proposed techniques for deracinating computer music production.

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Reality Tales / Mental Surgeries

(Performance + Workshop)

Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, NANCY SPERO SAAL

Date: FRI, 11 NOV 2016 : Performance
Time: 10 pm

Date: SAT, 12 NOV 2016 : Workshop
Time: 1 pm

The Syrian-born dancer and choreographer Enad Marouf and the Belgian dancer and sound artist Billy Bultheel are working on the ongoing aesthetic study Reality Tales / Mental Surgeries (RT/MS), an interface between science fiction and queer theory. They are interested in the relationship between humans and machines; the interlocking influences of data-gathering and awareness; the body's relation to the real and the virtual. The narrative structure of her performances follows the non-linearity of computer games. Reality Tales / Mental Surgeries develops over several episodes, using various presentational forms and media such as installations, performance, sound art and radio, and the moving image. Marouf and Bultheel are currently working on a new series of works in the artists' residencies in Cologne (programme: Tanzrecherche NRW) and Warsaw. At dgtl fmnsm they will be presenting exclusive excerpts from their research and offering a workshop. Billy Bultheel and Enad Marouf respond to theoretical and literary texts with performance and create a spoken and visual collage of them in their pieces and series. The workshop will introduce participants to this practice; they will investigate texts and fragments and enter a comfort zone involving activism, intellect, dance and choreography. It is like walking into a video and learning to see the big picture. Warning: may contain traces of absurdity or surrealism.


intimacy and technology

In this reading group we will read excerpts of Sci-Fi literature that tackles acts of normalisation, regulation and production of notions such as body and gender. Blending the distinction between inside and outside, natural and artificial self and world. Exploring ways of embodiment shaped through the technologies and labour of these fictions.

The first issue

dgtl fmnsm issue #1: GLEAM.

The first and inaugural issue of ​dgtl fmnsm, also made available in print, will carry the name ​issue #1: Gleam and gather texts, interviews and artworks invited by Shawné Michaelain Holloway and Konstanze Schütze. As part of ​dgtl fmnsm ​issue #1: Gleam, Shawné Michaelain Holloway will present a Live-Online Show entitled ​Futures, Reflections that calls out for an active push towards a queered future and gathers international performers who create heavily mediated work that redefines normative success, questions established ecologies of reproduction, and imagines a consciously constructed vision of the future. On both sides of the screen, we fulfill multiple roles; as simultaneous viewers, users, and consumers, we examine how technology is a playground for dynamic fluctuations in conventional hierarchies of viewership.

[gosh this is complicated … does this help? > dgtl fmnsm = the platform online/offline with material, reader, performances, artworks, etc.; dgtl fmnsm ​issue #1: Gleam = first issue of the reader on the platform dgtl fmnsm; Future, Reflections. = first series performances for dgtl fmnsm as part of Gleam]
"We are all bot-poets. Our identities are somewhat interchangeable, ratifiable.“

// Preliminaries //
Let’s be clear: the concept of the Young-Girl is obviously not a gendered concept.
Behind every Young-Girl’s arse hides a bunch of rich white men: the task is surely not, then, to destroy the Young-Girl, but to destroy the system that makes her, and makes her so unhappy, whoever she is.
YGRG started in autumn of 2013 in Berlin.
// The Young Girl Reading Group as Phenomenon //
Beyond the tide, the first lines, and the last full stop, beyond its internal configuration and its autonomous form, YGRG is caught up in a system of references to other texts, other sentences: it is a node within network.
We are all bot-poets.
Our identities are somewhat interchangeable, ratifiable.

Workshop: Young Girl Reading Group #135: w Luciana Parisi's "The Nanoengineering of Desire"

Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, NANCY SPERO SAAL
Date: Sat, 12 NOV 2016
Time: 3 pm

YGRG #135 (Workshop)

w Luciana Parisi's "The Nanoengineering of Desire"

Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, NANCY SPERO SAAL
Date: Sat, 12 NOV 2016
Time: 3 pm

As the Young Girl Reading Group, Dorota Gaweda and Egle Kulbokaite have reworked the well-known format of a reading circle. The content, form and performance make it the perfect entry-point to a feminist "obvious gate". Previously, the two artists worked on a collaborative project to create the post-gender, multi-user avatar Agatha Valkyrie Ice, whom they have brought to life in various forms in artistic spaces and online, in performances and through their own perfume: ​"We see Agatha as a possibility to #buildyourown#body, to achieve various forms of becoming, such as becoming-woman, becoming-animal, becoming-molecular, and becoming-imperceptible."

In their reading groups, which have met regularly since 2013, Gaweda and Kulbokaite offer a space for dealing with feminist theory and fiction. In the context of digitally influenced artistic and cultural production, the concrete act of reading not only blurs the boundaries between the producers and the recipients of art but also celebrates a return to theory. The hosts believe that reading together creates interesting spaces for new, experimental performative practice. In Dresden and at ​dgtl fmnsm, YGRG #135 invites readers to relish Luciana Parisi's “The Nanoengineering of Desire”. The text can be downloaded from digitalfeminism.net .

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Reality Tales/Mental Surgeries started with a search for a refined understanding of science fiction/ thought experiments and questions related to technology and techniques of power over life. Inspired by concepts and fields of research in biopolitics, queer theory, nano technology, cybernetics et al. Reality Tales / Mental Surgeries exists as science fiction narratives that unfolds over several episodes using different mediums (e.g, installation, performance, still and moving images) as forms of presentation.

Performance: Mavi Veloso, Billy Bultheel and Enad Marouf
Camera: Nadine Fraczkowski
Edit: Enad Marouf
Sound: Billy Bultheel

© Billy Bultheel and Enad Marouf
The second issue

dgtl fmnsm GLEAM #02 Intimacy

GLEAM #02 Intimacy explores states of intimacy between man and technology after the Internet was new, curated by Shawné Michaelian Holloway and Georges Jacotey, in collaboration with Josefine Soppa. (In the context of the exhibition >When Machines Are Dreaming< as a preview of the festival dgtl fmnsm 2018)

During #CYNETART2017

Venue: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dalcroze room     Day: SAT 18 NOV 2017     19:00

Event page @@ Faceboo