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dgtl fmnsm HOT MESS

This edition is part of Spy on Me #2 Festival @ HAU2 (Hebbel am Ufer).

dgtl fmnsm HOT MESS - virus version

March 20–27

free online festival

streamed on our channels
at YouTube (HAU), Facebook (HAU),
Instagram, Telegram, Discord

OVERVIEW __________________________
Immersive installation with extensive performance live/online program, discourse and music on March 20th and 27th, plus Workspace: Center for Speculation on the 21st.

The international network dgtl fmnsm has been presenting feminist, queer and tec-positive perspectives on technology narratives in interdisciplinary installations since 2016. These interventions are designed and created with both, aestethic and theoretical perspectives.

The episode HOT MESS is an interactive installation that refers to the often chaotic order of our desktops, our digital desks, our thought palaces and frivolous filing systems. All the data, the documents, the suffering and joy, the private and the public, these complex overlapping worlds, are hidden behind small symbols, permeating us as hyper-individualized beings in capitalist work and life cultures. HOT MESS attempts a loving and critical devotion to these user interfaces and resigns with relish to the long lost possibility of reducing data volumes or preventing their misuse. With HOT MESS, we explore the remaining possibilities to untangle the depths of our devices layer by layer until the coolers eventually overheat and what we call reality finally collapses productively. Because: Technology is not neutral and only a feminist AI can save us.

dgtl fmnsm

dgtl fmnsm deals with the emancipatory opportunities offered by technology and feminism. We are an interdisciplinary festival featuring performances, videos, the visual arts, room-sized installations, discourse and workshops – online and IRL. We cooperate with clubs and independent queer feminist groups and artists.

dgtl fmnsm is a feature request for more radical thinking on the routine involvement of digital technologies in a culture currently dominated by the media. The look and theory of dgtl fmnsm’s entertaining art interventions involve participants using their bodies as a meaningful form of expression in a world that is changing course in the light of digital technologies, online culture and political necessity.


web sites: 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2016-17


Unless otherwise stated, the events will be held in English.

While the event at HAU2 had to be cancelled due to the virus situation, much of the programme will happen online & is going to be streamed. Please stay tuned, come back here Friday 20th and connect with us at Facebook.

19th - 29th of March 2020

continuous / 10 days

Dripfeed Episode 3: Car Problems by Tarren Johnson & Joel Cocks

Commissioned work for HOT MESS

Exclusively on Instagram dgtl_fmnsm

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Created by Tarren Johnson and Joel Cocks Performed by Salber Williams, Wojciech Kosma, Joel Cocks and Tarren Johnson

Dripfeed.tv (2018- On Going)

Dripfeed Episode 1: Mystery Drink Challenge

Online Publication 2018


Dripfeed.tv is an episodic body of work that is concerned with the evolving ways people consume media and the greater impact these changes have had on social relations, physiological spaces and Identity.

The first episode, Mystery Drink Challenge was published in the Summer of 2018. The film documents the rehearsal process of a musical performance that takes place in a storefront in Berlin. The making-of format is often from the point of view of the Director who is interacting with the various cast members as they build the final shows. The film approaches the current climate of individualised entertainment and user generated content within the cruces of emancipated authorship and exploitation. Several performances throughout the piece rest between intentions, making a place for performance that lives without the tethering of a particular media.

HOT MESS seeks to make connections between digital spaces and phycological spaces in the hopes of creating an installation that uncovers hidden or lost dynamics. Dripfeed addresses how the evolving structures of media narratives impacts personal and collective conceptions of history and identity.

ₗ̲ Tarren Johnson

27th of March 2020
16:00 ‐ 00:00


16:00 ‐ 18:00

Algorithms of Late Capitalism (Rotterdam)

Online Zine Co-Creation Workshop

Live-Tutorial by Internet Teapot

HAU YouTube channel

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Internet Teapot presents a zine co-creation workshop during which participants will collaboratively produce the second issue of the 'Algorithms of Late-Capitalism' zine – curating tech-news, internet found-images, and content from the HOT MESS exhibition that critically reflects the absurdities of digital technology as shaped by global market forces.

Internet Teapot is a newly formed Rotterdam-based Creative Studio by Adriaan Odendaal & Karla Zavala. We work on critical design projects at the intersection of the digital and material, with a methodology of exploratory design research, critical praxis, and iterative conceptualization.


Early Talk:
Future Tense: AI From the Margins
w/ Nakeema Stefflbauer B2B Nushin Yazdani

HAU YouTube channel

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Nakeema Stefflbauer

Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer is a digitalisation expert with a background in research, technology transformation and social entrepreneurship. She holds an Executive MBA from the disruptive Quantic School of Management, as well as degrees from Brown University and Harvard University. As founder and CEO of the German non-profit organization, FrauenLoop, Dr. Stefflbauer is committed to addressing the marginalization of immigrant, refugee, and working-parent women from the technology scene. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech, intersectional feminism, and the impact of artificial intelligence on marginalised communities.

Nushin Yazdani

Nushin Isabelle Yazdani is an interaction and transformation designer, artist and AI researcher. In her work, she examines the interconnectedness of digital technologies and social justice, artificial intelligence and discrimination - from an intersectional feminist perspective. She creates collaboratively with the communities that are directly impacted by the designed outcomes and seeks to explore design processes that dismantle oppressive structures.

At the Education Innovation Lab, Nushin works on transforming the education system and creating innovative learning methods. She is a Member of the Design Justice Network and a lecturer, and has been teaching for instance at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam or at the University of the Arts Berlin. Apart from teaching Nushin also curates and organizes community events at the intersection of technology, art and design.


Alla Popp: Under_the_Sun_2120 (VR Performance)

HAU YouTube channel


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Interdisciplinary artist Alla Popp raises questions about Future, Technology and Society with her new VR performance.

FRI 27th of March 2020

A survival play in VR by Alla Popp.

In times when crisis plays its part at every level of our consciousness, stress management becomes an attitude we internalise and apply in daily life. Acting under pressure simplifies choices and helps prioritising what really matters. Such thinking patterns enable coping with urgent everyday realities bombarded with bad news, pessimistic outlooks and general skeptical mindset towards the future scenarios other than techno-dystopian ones.

One of the answers to this hysteria, is an easy one to come across online - forewarned is forearmed. From social injustice and mistrust towards governments, to mainstream media narratives and unsettling conspiracy theories - preparing for surviving has many triggers. Conservative and masculine, “prepping” became a reaction, a subculture and a booming market that has an advice and a product to withstand any potential threat. These instruments vary from city parkours to wild animals butchering, utilised as part of strategies for survival of a small unit of people.

Hazardous fear of threat is quick on triggering instincts. The question that is much more important though, is how to maintain humanity in such situations? And what kind of new inner modes and toolboxes do we need to ensure that our actions carry potential for a decent life for all?

A performance by Alla Popp “Under the Sun 2120” takes place in a Social Prepper simulator - a VR Game played and performed in physical and virtual spaces. It raises questions and develops strategies in an interlude between fear and hope.


Artistic direction and performance Alla Popp

Text Sarah Wenzinger

Sound Valentin Oellers, Florian Oellers, Alla Popp

Costume Tanya Tverdokhlebova

VR, Programming Alla Popp


21:00 ‐ 22:30

w/ Ash Baccus-Clark

HAU YouTube channel

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How can a womanist framework inform science, technology, and art?

Conversations around digital feminism (especially an intersectional reading of feminism) and afrofuturism present an opportunity to rework the focus of scholarship and praxis in evolving fields like virtual reality. Artists play an important role in challenging big tech, academia, and cultural institutions to move beyond tokenism.

In this talk, Ash will make a cross-sectional analysis of how cognitive science and digital media can be powerful tools for implementing change, for an inclusive [re]imagining of possible futures.

Ash Baccus-Clark

Ash Baccus-Clark is a Berlin-based Molecular & Cellular Biologist and multidisciplinary artist who uses new media and storytelling to explore themes of deep learning, cognition, memory, race, trauma, and systems of belief.

She currently consults in virtual reality production and is working on her first feature. Ash is currently represented by Mssng Peces, is an Ida Ely Rubin Artist in Residence at the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology, an RLabs XR Beta Resident, and a 2019 United States Artist fellow in Media.

In her work with Hyphen-Labs, Ash served as the Director of Brand Marketing & Research, writing and producing an award-winning immersive installation project, NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism (NSAF), a three-part digital narrative that sits at the intersection of product design, virtual reality, and neuroscience that was originally inspired by the lack of multidimensional representations of Black women in technology. NSAF incorporates object-based design, virtual reality, and cognitive impact research that reimagines the future of Black women in STEM fields.

NSAF first premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2017 and has been shown at Sundance Film Fest, SXSW, Tribeca Film Fest (Jury Honorable Mention), Gray Area Art & Technology Festival, Primer Speculative Futures Conference, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Stony Island Arts Bank & Rebuild Foundation, New Inc: Versions Festival, Refinery 29's 29 Rooms, and more.

Previously, Ash served as a brand manager on the retail brand management team of Warby Parker and worked as a molecular biologist at the University of California San Francisco researching cell and developmental biology with an emphasis on stem cell research.

NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism (NSAF)


Sonic Hibernation

DJ Set by Happy New Tears

HAU YouTube channel
&& dgtl fmnsm Facebook Page
&& Soundcloud

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"Emerging DJ and producer Happy New Tears plays machine processed music for the melancholy self. Roaming between the concrete cities of Berlin and Rotterdam, her DJ sets are always brimming with atmospheric and emotional genre defying music, inviting you to immerse into her sonic world.

She is one of the latest graduates of the No Shade program. No Shade is a collective, club night and DJ training program for femme, non-binary and trans people based in Berlin."


20th of March 2020


A place taking manual
(virus version)

by die Blaue Distanz (Anna Erdmann & Franziska Goralski)

Watch Video (Facebook)


The water we drink first runs through the veins of the servers (virtual tour)

by die Blaue Distanz (Anna Erdmann & Franziska Goralski)

Watch Video (Youtube)

Space Design by die Blaue Distanz

→ More Info

Falling into loaf. I wanna enter your hatch. To connect into a tangle of sprawling wires. To engage in digital processes. Connection overloaded. Re-linking. The glow behind the monitors. Just stumble. Smash the glass doors. Occupy the server room. And put up your legs. Rip open the casing. Warm your feet on the hot air vent. Do not forget to drink. What time is it? It's still night outside.

The immersive, expansive setting by "die Blaue Distanz" decentralises and connects, distributes and demands participation. The in-/accessibility of digital processes, including the technology behind them and critteral power, is explored spatially, architecturally and atmospherically.

picture by: die Blaue Distanz



WORKSHOP "#alieneffect"

Facefilter workshop for beginners by Alla Popp

Watch Video (YouTube)

→ More Info

Workshop: DIY Instagram Facefilter

AR Skills for Instagram Masks (a Beginner Workshop)

with performance and media artist Alla Popp

Language: English and German

Augmented reality filters boomed in the past years, offering real-life fun effects, appearance alterations and a new space for artistic expression.

Allowing for a minute to change appearance of the spaces, of others and of oneself without any harm. However, is this entertainment tool that harmless at all? What kind of political potential does is carry, how can artists apply it in their practices? This beginner workshop is a place to reflect and to learn a little technical skill - creating an Augmented Reality mask and publish it on instagram.

__Workshop Requirements
1 laptop
1 smartphone
Some basic computer/smartphone knowledge
Drawing, collaging, photoshop, 3D skills - anything you can/need to create a visual. Use tools you know, or team up with those who can/know. Share skills, tools and materials!

Short sign up email with one sentence about yourself, your skills (if any?) drawing, photoshopping, 3d modelling, etc. and what/why you find interesting in AR masks - that will be real helpful to design the workshop to the needs of the participants.

Preparations (prior workshop, aka 2t home)
Have a working FB and Instagram account (not business account), which are linked with one another (please check its not blocked, you know your PWDs etc.)

Make sure your Laptop has at least 10GB free space to install the Spark AR and be able to operate it.

Make sure your smartphone (with a camera) has some free space and that you have instagram app installed and updated to the latest version Download, install and sign in/create an account in the Spark AR on your laptop.

Download SPARK AR here : https://sparkar.facebook.com/ar-studio/download/


"IRL * URL – Extended Edition"

Video Screening and Artist Talk with Tabitha Swanson

Watch Video (YouTube)

→ More Info

Tabitha Swanson

IRL * URL – Extended Edition

This talk will cover the potential benefits and pitfalls of XR (VR and AR) and the layers of abstraction of what it means to be human as post-human characteristics and identification become more accessible. It will also touch on topics like the importance of representation, censorship, and questions that we all must think about as we move forward.

Tabitha Swanson (b.1991, Winnipeg) appears as a specimen of an online race. A designer and creative technologist using 3D rendering, face filter and sometimes synthetic makeup on her own body, offers us the vision of a migrant from a virtual world. The Canada born and raised third-culture child now lives and works in Berlin. With a background in fine art, fashion and design, Swanson approaches her practice in the same boundless way as she views her mixed heritage, which spans across the continents. She is currently an artist in residence at Factory Berlin as a part of sonar+D programme and part of Proxyz.network, a Berlin-based collective of womxn, trans, non-binary and intersex 3D animators and designers.




A show with Tiara Roxanne, Maque Pereyras, Biitsi, Anna Zett, American Artist, Nicole Killian, Xene Sky, Jamila Woods

Live Stream (upcoming): HAU YouTube channel


→ More Info

*** Join us for a hot and messy dgtl fmnsm night with a new and extended edition of GLEAM, our live online show. This time around, GLEAM will include spectacular performances, both IRL and live-streamed on Telegram as well as video screenings and readings. GLEAM is curated by new media artist Shawné Michaelain Holloway and framed by a discourse compiled by interaction designer and AI ethics researcher Nushin Yazdani.

Afterwards, let your ego collapse to the tunes of Milan-based musician Hazina Francia aka Tadleeh. All of the above will take place inside of and as part of the immersive Space Design by artist duo Die blaue Distanz.

Tarren Johnson (artist & choreographer) and Joel Cocks (artist &designer) will present Dripfeed.tv Episode 3, as a part of their online residence with dgtl fmnsm.

FOCUS __________________________

A show with Tiara Roxanne, Maque Pereyras, Biitsi, Anna Zett, American Artist, Nicole Killian, X’ene Sky, Jamila Woods

Hosted by shawné michaelain holloway & Philisha Kay

**We’re in it deep :**
The extension cord salad, the accidental text sent months after you stopped speaking, the leaked Drake x Future tracks, the DMs from your crush in a city across the ocean, the tape over your computer’s front facing camera, the lost screenshot, the offensive autocorrect, the delivery from Fashion Nova, the makeup tutorial, the surprise phone call in the middle of class, the photo of you and your family in matching pajamas that you use as a background, your forgotten downloads folder, your greasy screen, your tired texting thumbs, your profile picture that doesn’t look like you anymore, your new selfie face, your secret OnlyFans account.

**We’re in it together :**
The barrage of notifications from popular news that only tell of the bad stuff, the “Oops, I broke my screen,” the automatic face filters that turn brown skin lighter, the subscription fees, the amber alerts, the stolen data, the stolen tweets, being trolled, watching government officials fight on social media, canceling TMZ for leaking the news about Kobe but tolerating with FOX News, the heckling of the girls who spoke up, the police brutality trauma porn, the signed petitions, the right wing memes, the flat tummy tea, the creation of SESTA/FOSTA, and all the accounts deleted because of nudity but not racism.

**Let’s hit pause in front of our light.**

ₗ̲ shawné michaelain holloway

Anna Zett

Anna Zett is a Berlin-based artist, filmmaker and writer. Their work considers processes of sense-making through association, narrative and contact, directing attention to physical situations not aligned with logocentric power and technology. In 2014 they published their first two longer videos, the outcome of several years of research & filmmaking, which were screened internationally in various contexts and institutions. Zett has written and directed two experimental radio plays for German public radio (DLF 2015, BR 2017) and (co-) hosted participatory formats between storytelling and choreography. In 2019 they presented two solo exhibitions (Zionskirche Berlin, Or Gallery Vancouver) and published their first book "Artificial Gut Feeling“ (Divided Publishing).



Biitsi, based in Helsinki, Finland, and formed in 2015, consists of Kim Modig and Heidi M. Wee. Under this moniker, they create music, performances, and collaborative works together with practitioners from performance, dance, and media art. Recently, Biitsi composed the score for the choreographic work Grâce, by Anna Torkkel & co. For their 2018 music video Feminine, they joined forces with the Greek fashion label Daglara.

Coinciding with DGTL FMSNM festival, the Finnish national radio is broadcasting Biitsi’s latest work, an essay titled Silver Epoch, that looks at the seniorization of countries such as Finland, asking what it will mean to art and culture.

Taking its cue from the themes discussed in Silver Epoch, for their Berlin debut Biitsi has created a sonic performance: a space where one can reflect the effects ageism causes, not only to individual lives, but for our appreciation of art and aesthetics.


Tiara Roxanne

Dr. Tiara Roxanne is an Indigenous- Mestís cyberfeminist scholar and artist based in Berlin. Her research and artistic practice investigates the encounter between the Indigenous Body and AI. More particularly, she explores the colonial structure embedded within artificial intelligence learning systems in her writing and her performance art thru textile work. Currently, her work is mediated through the color red. Tiara has presented her work at SOAS (London), SLU (Madrid), Transmediale (Berlin), Duke University (NC), re:publica (Berlin), Tech Open Air (Berlin), AMOQA (Athens), among others. She is currently a Researcher at DeZIM-Institut in Berlin, Germany.


Tabita Rezaire

Tabita Rezaire is infinity incarnated into an agent of healing, who uses art as a mean to unfold the soul. Her cross-dimensional practices envision network sciences - organic, electronic and spiritual - as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness.


Nicole Killian

Nicole Killian's work uses graphic design, publishing, video, objects and installation to investigate how the structures of the internet, mobile messaging, and shared online platforms affect contemporary interaction and shape cultural identity from a queer perspective. They are interested in the repetition, looping, and dissemination of content. They think about catnip and bird toys, scratching and the depths (or voids) of the desktop folder.

Nicole is currently the co-director of the Design, Visual Communications MFA and Assistant Professor in the Department of Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University and recently served as guest editor for the Walker Art Center's Soundboard and organized How Will We Queer Design Education without Compromise?


American Artist

American Artist is an artist whose work considers black labor and visibility within networked life. They are a former resident of Abrons Art Center and EYEBEAM and completed the Whitney Independent Study program as an artist in 2017. Recent solo exhibitions include My Blue Window, Queens Museum, Corona, New York, 2019; Dignity Images: Bayview-Hunters Point, Museum of African Diaspora, San Francisco, California, 2019; and I'm Blue (If I Was _____ I Would Die), Koenig & Clinton, Brooklyn, New York, 2019. Their work has been featured in the New York Times, Artforum, ARTnews, and Huffington Post.


Maque Pereyra

photo credit: Michelle-Gutiérrez-Fernández @caribe_lunar

Maque Pereyra is a Berlin based dancer, performer, dj, dancer and spiritual activist. In 2018 she finished the MA SoDA program at UdK-HZT. A DAAD scholarship in the field of performing arts was granted to her from 2016 until 2018. In her home country, Bolivia, she obtained a BA degree in Psychology in 2014. Her work was prized twice (2013-2014) with the arts award “Premio Plurinacional Eduardo Abaroa” and was shown in different festivals and venues internationally. She is currently receiving the Studio Grant at District with the Research ‘ Yoggaton as Empowerment and Decolonial Body practice’. Yoggaton is a movement practice she developed, that aims to work at physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and decolonial levels and through it construct self and social awareness about the connections and interdependence of spiritual colonization, sexual agency and systemic oppression.


X’ene Sky

X’ene Sky is a classically trained pianist, composer, singer and performance artist. X’ene’s work finds itself situated in the interstices of enslaved queer women, negro spirituals, critical fabulation and the itchy scratch your skin parts of relating intimately to others. Playing the piano since the age of four, she is constantly experimenting and interrogating the ways her instrument grows and changes alongside her. Through extended techniques like creating movement on top the piano, singing into/beside/underneath and planting as a vehicle of ancestral communication via performance, X’ene hopes to keep finding the ways and places that give her space to grow.


Jamila Woods

Jamila Woods is a poet, musician & educator from Chicago, IL. She is the editor of BreakBeat Poets: Black Girl Magic, an anthology of poetry by Black women in the age of hip-hop. Her second studio album, LEGACY! LEGACY! was released in 2019 by JagJaguwar Records.



Tadleeh (live)

Platforms: HAU YouTube channel

→ More Info

Let your ego collapse to the tunes of Milan-based musician Hazina Francia aka Tadleeh. All of the above will take place inside of and as part of the immersive Space Design by artist duo Die blaue Distanz.

Join us in a hot and messy dgtl fmnsm night with a new and extended edition of GLEAM, our live online show. This time around, GLEAM will include spectacular performances, both IRL and live-streamed on Telegram as well as video screenings and readings.

11 pm
Tadleeh (live)

ₗ̲ Tadleeh

ₗ̲ die blaue Distanz


In the frame of Spy On Me #2
HAU Hebbel am Ufer
Full program: https://www.hebbel-am-ufer.de/spy-on-me-2/

Tadleeh is supported by SHAPE platform, which is co-funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union.

21st of March 2020

13:00 ‐ 18:00

Center for Speculation

13:00 ‐ 14:00

MELT DOWN – Meltionary
by Loren Britton, Isabel Paehr

Platform: Discord Please check this link beforehand if you want to participate (Englisch/German possible): http://meltionary.com/dgtlfmnsm/. Join us at 1pm here: https://discord.gg/J6DkuDz

14:00 ‐ 17:00

Cognitive Boot Camp vs. Multiverse Hack : Ten Easy Steps on How to lose your Reality System.

by Omsk Social Club & Mycological Twist

Live Stream

OMSK SOCIAL CLUB & Mycological Twist – Cognitive Boot Camp vs. Multiverse Hack : Ten Easy Steps on How to lose your Reality System. (approx. 130 min.)

The living sandbox we now call earth is becoming increasingly more fluid in its geographical structure, it is morphing into the digital abyss faster than our bones can mutate to cling to our technological tools. Alas we do not want to find ourselves suddenly stranded on this digital plateau of someone else’s making, a prison with no door. So instead we propose a flaneur into the new digital in order to formulate alternative and radically strange habitable landscapes for collective use that detour traditional narrative pathways to make way for empowering unique realities of the self and society. ––– Join us for an afternoon online discussing living practical philosophies, tactics of decolonizing the self and how to unleash an interspecies hackathon on life as we know it.

Omsk Social Club is an art collective that works within the realms of Real Game Play. Their live installations they create examine virtual egos, popular experiences and political phenomena. Allowing the works to become a dematerialized hybrid of modern-day culture alongside the participant's unique personal experiences.

The Mycological Twist is a project by Eloïse Bonneviot and Anne de Boer operating both as a fixed mushroom garden and as a nomadic project, infecting and spreading mycelium alike. The projects initiated by the Mycological Twist can be seen as a place to investigate the cycle of deterioration and regeneration happening in zones of Dark Ecology.

This video is part of dgtl fmnsm festival HOT MESS virus version" (March 20th-27th) dgtl fmnsm deals with the emancipatory potential offered by art, technology and feminism interdisciplinary · online · offline · alive since 2016

17:00 ‐ 18:00

How are we still? Who are we kidding in a 21th-centuries-fearful-dream?

A Telegram Trip
by Katharina Klappheck
Platform: dgtl_fmnsm Telegram

22nd of March 2020

Sonic Hibernation (Short Story) Short Story by ****Happy New Tears

Platform: Facebook (Text Post)
dgtl fmnsm Facebook Page

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Alla PoppShawné Michaelain Hollowaydie Blaue Distanz (Anna Erdmann & Franziska Goralski)Tarren Johnson & Joel CocksTiara Roxanne, Maque Pereyras, Biitsi, Anna Zett, American Artist, Nicole Killian, Xene Sky, Jamila WoodsTabita Rezaire

• discourse

Ash Baccus-ClarkNakeema StefflbauerNushin YazdaniTabitha Swansen

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TadleehHappy New Tears


dgtl fmnsm team

Ulla Heinrich, Konstanze Schütze (production and artistic direction)· Shawné Michaelain Holloway (artistic direction Gleam) · Nushin Yazdani (head of discourse) · Philisha Kraatz (production assistent & communication) · Anja Kaiser (visual concept) · Anna Erdmann (space design) · Franziska Goralski (space design) · Janine Müller (live broadcasting), Konrad Behr (live broadcasting), Thomas Dumke (administration and network) · Sven Dämmig (website)


A commissioned work by HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin). Production: dgtl fmnsm & HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Berlin) as part of the festival "Spy on Me #2 - Artistic Maneuvers for the Digital Present", a festival of the HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Tadleeh is supported by SHAPE platform, which is co-funded by the CREATIVE EUROPE programme of the European Union.

Workspace: Center For Speculation in cooperation with Professorship "Art Media Education", Institute for Art & Art Theory, University of Cologne


HOT MESS is an event at HAU Berlin www.facebook.com/HAUBerlin/about/ as part of the Spy on Me #2 Festivals.


Center For Speculation

SAT 21st of March 2020
13:00 ‐ 18:00

Center for Speculation is a public research group of artists, activists, scientists and enthusiasts who explore the interfaces of technological systems and social structures.

Designed as an academic experiment, the symposium-like format reflects modes of speculation as political practice, and explores challanges, needs, issues and possibilities of (queer-)feminist counter-speculation within the technologically intertwined present.

Professionals, scientists and the general public are encouraged to join in and part take. Curiosity welcome!

Thematic fields and focus groups are formed according to interest in the sections:

If future, then many!

HOW IT WORKS __________________________
Language: English and German
Open for everyone to join – with registration
Free entrance

more infos soon

TIMETABLE/ABLAUF __________________________

12:30 Sneaking/Snacking
13:00 Welcome/ Intro & Input
14:00 Working session in focus groups
17:00 Sharing&Reviews + Exchange
18:00 Zooming-out

with focus groups by Martina Leeker, Nada Schroer, Loren Britton & Isabel Paehr, Anne de Boer, Eloise Bennevoit and Penny Rafferty, Alexis C Johnson, Stephanie Comilang, Katharina Klappeck, Shawné Michaelean Holloway, Nushin Yazdani and others.

Hosted by Martina Leeker (UdK Berlin) and Konstanze Schütze (Universität zu Köln) and many critical friends like Francesca Schmidt (Gunda-Werner-Institut).

Call For Zines

FRI 27st of March 2020
16:00 ‐ 18:00

DGTL FMNSM 2020 will take place

HOT, but no fever.

Online, digital, livestreams.

Free entrance for all!

We will spread memes.

Due to the latest events related to the global virus spread, all events on site at HAU2 have to be canceled or have to be postponed. But many of the events can take place, being streamed. Please come back here or connect with us at Facebook.

dgtl fmnsm HOT MESS - virus version

free online festival

streamed on our channels
at YouTube (HAU), Facebook (HAU),
Instagram, Telegram, Discord

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20:00 ‐ 22:00